1. Mission:
    CSMA is a TPI affiliated company, it open it's doors in June of 2016 with a specific mission in mind: "Raise the bar for Customer Service Excellence Globally." CSMA understands that without the right skills service industry professionals can't perform at their highest potential, so we have developed trainings that support them.
  2. Purpose:
    Our focus is clear, together our team has carefully developed an array of diverse, innovative accredited courses that integrate best practices of service excellence, adopted from some of the most prestigious organizations in the world that places strong emphasis on high, quality service excellence standards for their customers.
  3. Experts:
    Our Certified Facilitators: Are highly knowledgeable in his/her field and hold certifications in their areas of expertise. They have held diverse managerial and front-line positions, in a multitude of service industries and Hospitality & Tourism organizations from around the world, San Francisco, New York City, Dubai and the Netherlands.
  4. Courses:
    CSMA, provides all participants that complete ours courses successfully with a globally accredited certificate, recognized by employers internationally. CSMA is a member of the Certified Professional Development Service (CPD), established since 1996, that approves all of our "accredited" course offerings.
  1. Events:
    CSMA is the founder of Customer Service Week, we facilitated the first Customer Service in Sint Maarten in November of 2017. Since that time it has become on of the most popular Customer Service Week(s) Conferences internationally. Our events can be planned for 1 week to six months.
  2. Mobile:
    Our team realizes that sending team members off site to trainings can be challenging. Our mobile, innovative approach to bringing trainings to the front doors of our clients, has become a revolutionary approach to traditional training. Simply tell us what trainings you need and we will send our facilitators to your location.
  3. Attend:
    Our team will teach your staff how to provide customers with positive, memorable experiences that will enhance their stay, convince them to return, close the sale and WOW them, so they brag about you on Social media and tell all their friends and family about their outstanding experience!
  4. Global
    Our President & CEO Dr. Natasha Gittens is a Master Certified Hospitality Educator, one of only 13 in the world, bestowed with this title by the American Hotel & Lodging institute, (AHLEI). Her objective is to ensure or clients gain practical and applicable, e that is "current" and "trending" as best practices in the industry sectors.